Selected journal publications:

A. Çevik, Minimal Bounds and Members of Effectively Closed Sets, submitted.

A. Çevik, H. Kılıç, Majority Characterization of Frequency Emulated 1-D Cellular Automata via Logical Semantics, submitted.

A. Çevik, Raw Objects and the Axiom of Choice, submitted.

A. Çevik, ‘Almost all’ Theory of Moore’s Paradox, submitted.

A. Çevik, Descriptive Classification of Logical Identities by Analytic Complexity, submitted.

A. Çevik, Hierarchical Multiverse of Sets, Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 64(4): 545-570 (2023). arXiv preprint

A. Çevik, Z. Seskir, On the Cardinality of Future Worldlines in Discrete Spacetime Structures, Foundations of Physics, 53:61 (2023).

A. Çevik, S. Topal, Most-Intersection of Countable Sets, Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 31(3-4), p. 343-354 (2021).

A. Çevik, An effectively closed set with no join property, DOI: 10.1002/malq.202000063, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 67(3), p. 313-320 (2021).

A. Çevik, Palindromic characteristic of committed graphs and some model theoretic properties, Int. J. Foundations of Computer Science, 31(4), p. 483-498 (2020).

S. Topal, A. Çevik, Natural density and the quantifier Most, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 29(4), p. 511-523 (2020).

A. Çevik, ω-circularity of Yablo’s paradox, Logic and Logical Philosophy, 29(3), p. 325-333 (2020).

S. Topal, A. Çevik, F. Smarandache, A New Group Decision Making Method with Distributed Indeterminacy Form under Neutrosophic Environment: Neutrosophic Social Choice Theory, IEEE Access, Vol. 8, p. 42000-42009 (2020).

A. Çevik, Axiom of Neutrosophic Choice, International Journal of Unconventional Computing, Vol. 14, p. 467-478 (2019).

A. Çevik, S. Topal, F. Smarandache: Neutrosophic Computability and Enumeration, DOI: 10.3390/10110643, Symmetry, 10, 643 (2018).

A. Çevik, S. Topal, F. Smarandache: Neutrosophic Logic Based Quantum Computing, DOI:10.3390/sym10110656, Symmetry, 10, 656 (2018).

A. Çevik, Pi 0 1 choice classes, DOI 10.1002/malq201500055, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, Vol. 62, No 6, pp. 563-574 (2016). pdf

A. Çevik, Antibasis theorems for Pi 0 1 classes and the jump hierarchy, DOI: 10.1007/s00153-012-0310-y, Archive for Mathematical Logic, Vol.52, Issue 1-2, pp. 137-142, Springer, (2013). pdf

A. Çevik, Philosophy of Hilbert’s Formalization Program, Felsefe Dünyası, Vol. 60, pp. 265-280 (2014). docx

A. Çevik, On the possibility of supertasks, Beytulhikme An International Journal of Philosophy, Vol.5, pp. 171-180 (2013). pdf

Selected conference publications:

A. Çevik, H. Kılıç, An Infinite Proper Subset of Regular Languages as a State Change Based Coupling of Finite Automata, International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2015 (ICCSA 2015), University of California, Berkeley, October 2015, Conference proceedings, Vol I, pp. 55-58 (2015). pdf

A. Çevik, Is the Church-Turing Thesis the new Pythagoreanism?, 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, University of Istanbul, June 25-30 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. Conference proceedings, pp. 85-86 (2015). presentation


Bertrand Russell, Matematiksel Felsefeye Giriş (trans. Ahmet Çevik), submitted.

A. Çevik, 50 Soruda Paradokslar (Turkish), Bilim ve Gelecek Yayınları, 2023.

A. Çevik, Philosophy of Mathematics: Classic and Contemporary Studies, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2021.

A. Çevik, Kuantum Hesaplama Kuramı (Turkish), METU Press, 2021.

A. Çevik, Matematik Felsefesi ve Matematiksel Mantık (Turkish), Nesin Yayıncılık, 2019. errata (for the 1st edition)

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